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Shrink Wrap Recycling Program

Photo of the deck of a wooden sailboat at sea.

RIMTA was among the first in the country to begin a collection program to recycle shrink wrap used by marinas and boat yards.

Historically shrink wrap has been sent to landfills once it has been removed from a boat. RIMTA’s partnership with a regional material hauler/recycling firm provides an environmentally viable and economically practical option for the collection, processing and repurposing of the discarded shrink-wrap from our members across Rhode Island.

RIMTA members are able to participate in the program by purchasing ‘shrink wrap bags’ to collect their shrink wrap material. Each bag can hold up to 40 lbs of shrink wrap material and will be picked up from your facility at no additional cost.

Who weighs more? The Statue of Liberty or the total number of shrink wrap bags collected since 2019?

RIMTA is proud to report that over the last 3 years, almost 360,000 pounds (180 tons) of shrink wrap was collected and recycled. The Statue of Liberty weighs in at 140 tons.

Please contact Jen Huber (401-396-9619).