Our VISION is to position the Rhode Island Marine Industry as the leader in our community and our economy.


RIMTA advocates to promote the growth, sustainability and innovation of the RI marine trades industry.

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Why We Advocate for Rhode Island’s Marine Trade Industry:

At the Rhode Island Marine Trade Association (RIMTA), our advocacy efforts are essential to sustaining and growing the marine trades industry in our state and the vital role this sector plays in Rhode Island’s economy.

Our initiatives aim to foster business growth, support workforce development and ensure regulatory environments that benefit our members. By collaborating with industry leaders, educational institutions and policymakers, we strive to create a thriving marine trades community that can adapt to changing legislative, regulatory and economic landscapes.

Join us in our mission to ensure that Rhode Island remains a leader in the marine trades industry.

Key objectives we strive to achieve:

  • Maintain Favorable Sales Tax Conditions: We work continuously to preserve the no-sales-tax policies on boats and boating services making Rhode Island a competitive market for marine activities. Boats registered in Rhode Island are also exempt from property tax making our state an attractive destination for boat owners. Essential boating services such as repairs, storage and dockage remain tax-free, providing significant benefits to both the industry and consumers.
  • Educate Lawmakers: Boating is important to the economy of the state and policy makers have long recognized the benefits of fostering the health of Rhode Island’s marine trades while also attracting more boaters to its shores. By informing legislators about the significant economic impact of the marine industry we ensure that they understand the importance of supporting favorable legislation.
  • Monitor Legislation: Staying updated on laws and regulations that affect marine businesses is crucial. We actively monitor and respond to legislative changes to protect our industry.
  • Lead in Innovation: RIMTA is at the forefront of workforce development advancements, positioning our industry as a leader in innovation.
  • Support the PAC: Through our Political Action Committee, we engage in political action to advocate for legislation that benefits the marine trades.

The RIMTA Political Action Committee:

Our Political Action Committee (PAC) supports legislators that align with our goals.

We represent a block of over 300 companies working in Rhode Island’s marine trades sector collectively accounting for over 13,300 jobs and $2.65 billion in gross sales. When RIMTA speaks, policymakers listen. Leveraging these advocacy efforts is one of the greatest benefits of RIMTA membership. This ensures that our industry’s voice is heard and that our economic contributions are recognized at both the state and national levels.

By working together, RIMTA members can help sustain and grow Rhode Island’s vibrant marine trades industry. Join us in our mission to keep Rhode Island at the forefront of the marine trades industry and support our lobbying and advocacy initiatives.