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RIMTA coordinates training programs with local industry and educational institutions that will give you the skills needed to get your first job in the marine trades.

These programs are a great way for young people to get a start in our industry, or for unemployed or underemployed individuals of all ages who want to make a career change.

We offer two basic types of programs: Entry-Level Skills Training and On-the-Water Career Training.

Entry-Level Skills Training

These programs prepare individuals for jobs at a boat yard, marina, or marine manufacturer. No boating experience is required. If you enjoy working with your hands and have other interests and skills — such as carpentry or working with engines — these programs will help you start a marine career.

One of our most popular entry-level programs is our Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program, or PAT. This program generally runs several weeks and requires a full-time, Monday-Friday commitment.

The PAT program is only run certain times of the year; we will list at the end of this page when we are recruiting for the next PAT.

On-the-Water Career Training

These programs prepare individuals for jobs as captain or crew on passenger vessels. For example, you could train to operate a motorized launch in Rhode Island. Or you could pursue a career as crew on a luxury yacht that travels to exotic locales to take guests on charters.  Mechanical skills, experience in hospitality, and a sense of adventure are good backgrounds for these programs.

No Cost for Rhode Island Residents

Thanks to our partnership with Real Jobs Rhode Island, our programs are typically free to Rhode Islanders who are 18 or older.

You will also gain work-readiness skills in our programs and have an opportunity to meet employers. Some programs even include a short internship at a local company. A high percentage of our students get job offers when they graduate.

We also welcome individuals who are not sure which career path suits them best. Click here to fill out our online form so we know how to guide you.

Our programs run at different times during the year and can last from a week to seven weeks.

The programs listed below are now accepting applicants.

Stay tuned for our next CORE Training in the Fall 2019