How We Advocate
Founded in 1964, RIMTA represents all aspects of the recreational boating industry in its home state. We are dedicated to growing Rhode Island’s marine trades through advocacy, education, and promotion and positioning the Ocean State as a worldwide leader in the marine industry.
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How We Advocate

No sales tax on boats in Rhode Island is considered RIMTA’s signature legislative achievement. Although that regulation was put on the books over 20 years ago, RIMTA’s Legislative Committee and the lobbying firm it works with have an ongoing job: to monitor pending legislation that can impact the Rhode Island marine trades, and to keep lawmakers educated about our industry and its impact on the state’s economy so favorable legislation stays in place.

Tapping into our Advocacy Efforts
When RIMTA members have an issue with pending or existing legislation, they can channel their concerns through RIMTA. We represent a block of over 1700 companies working in Rhode Island’s marine-trades sector, tallying over 13,300 jobs and $2.65 billion in gross sales.

When RIMTA speaks, policymakers listen. Being able to tap into these advocacy efforts is one of the greatest benefits of RIMTA membership.

To complement the activities of RIMTA’s Legislative Committee, RIMTA has its own PAC (political action committee).

Political action committees support legislators and legislation that are in alignment with their parent organization’s positions.

What RIMTA Members Can Do
Doing advocacy work on the part of the Rhode Island marine trades requires the cooperation of all members.

Your RIMTA dues supports the lobbying firm we work with, so paying your dues is an important part of our ability to advocate on your behalf.

Members’ participation in any surveys RIMTA does is critical: this data enables our Legislative Committee to educate lawmakers with the latest stats.

Like all PACs, the RIMTA PAC can only be supported by contributions from individuals. Learn more about supporting our PAC here.

Finally, alert RIMTA about legislative issues you may be dealing with by sending us an email at