Industry Data
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Gathering statistics about the Rhode Island marine trades is an important role RIMTA plays for the industry.

These studies are a critical piece of the organization’s advocacy work. RIMTA’s Legislative Committee and the lobbying firm it works with use this data to educate lawmakers about the R.I. marine industry and its impact on the state economy.

Results of RIMTA’s most recent economic-impact study, conducted with members of the University of Rhode Island faculty, were released in fall 2018. This study estimates jobs, gross sales, and economic impacts of the R.I. marine trades. The study also breaks down this R.I. industry into subsectors, so we know how heavily we are weighted in different areas of the marine trades.

By the numbers, the Rhode Island marine industry is comprised of 1,712 firms that generate $2.649 billion in annual gross sales and employ 13,337 people. Put into context, our statewide marine-trades sector makes up about 4.7% of the firms in the Rhode Island economy.

See FAQs here that outline key findings from “The Economic Impact of Rhode Island’s Marine Trades Sector” (2018). Read the entire study here.