Guide to Growing Our Workforce
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Guide to Growing Our Workforce

Workforce development is one of the biggest challenges the marine trades face as an industry.

The industry has a graying labor pool; many young people choose college over hands-on careers; and the marine trades compete for talent with other business sectors that face the same trends but are bigger and better financed.

Without enough skilled workers to fuel marine businesses, increased boat sales will translate to longer service wait times and drive boaters to a different recreation.

RIMTA has crafted successful workforce solutions and emerged as a national leader. As a result, the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas tapped RIMTA to author Strategy 10+1: A Marine Industry Guide to Growing the Workforce.”

This industry-wide business plan published in 2018 has action-oriented steps for national and regional associations, as well as individual employers. If you operate a business in the marine trades, this plan is your roadmap to building a skilled workforce. Find the 10+1 plan here.