Benefits of Membership
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Establishing Rhode Island as a worldwide leader in the marine trades is RIMTA’s ultimate goal. To do that, we help each member company be successful — so once you join RIMTA, you have a strong ally in achieving success for your business.

Read more here about the benefits of being a RIMTA member.

Have a Voice

RIMTA advocates for a healthy business climate through our Legislative Committee and the lobbying firm we work with. Together they monitor pending legislation and keep lawmakers educated about our industry’s impact on the state’s economy so favorable legislation stays in place. RIMTA represents a block of over 1700 marine-trades companies that tally $2.65 billion in gross sales, so when RIMTA speaks, policymakers listen. Being part of our advocacy efforts is one of the greatest benefits of RIMTA membership. Learn more here.

Build Your Workforce

RIMTA membership buys you access to our workforce-development expertise. Looking for funding to train your workers? Need to hire entry-level talent? RIMTA can help; learn more here. RIMTA is a national innovator in building the marine-trades workforce; in 2018, the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas tapped the RIMTA staff to create a national, industry-wide business plan. Read more about the plan and the actionable steps you can take to build a better workforce.

Go Green

The business of boating depends on a healthy ocean, and studies reveal that young people value sustainability. We can all agree that being green is a good idea, but how do you do that as a marine business? RIMTA has created and partnered on programs for members that give marine businesses clear guidelines on being green. Head to our Environmental Programs page to learn more.

Connect with Industry Leaders & Ideas

When you join RIMTA, you gain access to hundreds of marine-trades experts who are also members of the organization. You’ll meet them at networking and membership events held throughout the year. RIMTA also arranges professional-development opportunities for members. You’ll learn about them in our monthly newsletter, along with other business-enrichment opportunities happening in Rhode Island.

Being a RIMTA member is an important step you can take to support the success of your business and our statewide industry. Click here to see a Directory of leading companies who are already members, then apply here and join us.

If you have questions about membership, contact Ann Hof (email / 401-396-9619).