Let RIMTA Help You Build Your Workforce

January is a good time to take a fresh look at your business — and when it comes to the workers who can make or break your company, RIMTA can help.

Our industry’s workforce is facing strong headwinds, with Baby Boomers retiring at a faster rate than new workers joining our industry. Smart marine companies are investing in skilling-up their current workers and making a plan to find and train new hires.

Read on to learn how RIMTA can help its members build and train their workforce.

Need Money to Train Your Workforce? Call Us

RIMTA has been designated by the state to administer reimbursement funds for companies skilling-up their current workforce. These Incumbent Worker Training Funds can apply to technical training as well as areas such as sales, accounting, IT and others.

Employees can attend outside training programs, or you can hire an expert to train at your facility. The funding can even apply if your own supervisors teach employees new skills.

Companies are reimbursed 50% of the training costs. Some RIMTA members have saved nearly $2,000 by tapping into these funds.

Jen Huber at RIMTA makes the process easy: contact her before the training takes place (email / 401-396-9619) and she will walk you through the process.

Winter is a good time to get employees trained before the spring rush. Consult with Jen Huber to look a few months down the line. Together, you can determine what funding fits your situation and incorporate those plans into your budget.

Make a Training Plan Before You Hire

If you are planning to make a new hire, contact RIMTA first.

You will likely need to train your new employee. There is funding that fits certain new-hire situations, such as hiring someone who was previously unemployed. Again, Jen Huber is your contact.

Contacting RIMTA in advance may also put you in touch with potential employees who already have a baseline of skill to work in the marine trades. RIMTA coordinates a Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program, which is a full-time program funded by the state to train entry-level workers; over 90% of the graduates move directly into the workforce.

When member companies have a common need, RIMTA has also created customized training programs and secured funding to support them. One example is a condensed version of the Pre-Apprenticeship Training that was created when several companies in the Westerly area needed to connect with entry-level employees.

Programs have also been created for USCG-certified launch drivers and charter-yacht crews.

Brian Dursi at RIMTA directs these programs, so contacting him is your best first step (email / 401-396-9619).

How to Connect with Potential Employees

It can be challenging to find workers with the aptitude and interest in working around boats. The current workforce demographics and our high-unemployment situation makes cultivating those types of employees a high priority at RIMTA.

Beyond the training programs we coordinate, RIMTA works actively with local schools, including High Schools that run marine-technology programs. We also help coordinate Career Day, which takes place at IYRS on Saturday, March 23.

Companies can exhibit at Career Day for free — and the event is also free for career-seekers. This one-day event is a great way to connect with both IYRS grads and other individuals who have an interest in marine careers. We consider this event a must for any company that wants to connect with new employees.

RIMTA also serves as a clearing house for individuals who want to start marine careers; we put the word out through our social media and other recruiting channels for those individuals to register with us.

Again, your best first step is a call to Jen Huber or Brian Dursi at RIMTA (401-396-9619). If you are a member, they can save you time and money and provide the expertise needed to build a workforce for your business.