RIMTA Launches New Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program in the Westerly Area

The Rhode Island Marine Trades Association (RIMTA) has launched a new Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program in the Westerly area. This three-week program will give individuals the entry-level skills needed to start a career working around boats or in the exciting field of composites manufacturing.

The program runs from September 24 to October 12.

This FREE training program is for Rhode Island residents over age 18 and has proven to be a path to employment in the statewide boating or composites industry.

No boating experience is required. This three-week program gives individuals the entry-level skills to work at companies located in Rhode Island.

The program is a perfect fit for someone looking to begin a career in the marine or composites business, or someone who is unemployed or underemployed.

Rhode Island is known around the world as a state with a high concentration of boating and composites companies. Composite materials such as fiberglass and carbon-fiber are used to build a wide range of structures in many industries — from architecture to recreational sports to wind-energy structures.

Training runs full-time, Monday-Friday.

Click here to apply online. The program begins on September 24.

For any questions about the program, contact Brian Dursi at RIMTA (email / 401-396-9619).