RIMTA | Wendy Mackie, CEO
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Anyone who has met CEO Wendy Mackie knows she has a passion and enthusiasm for the marine industry that has been transformative for RIMTA. Since she joined the organization, RIMTA has expanded its staff, acquired a new property in the form of the Providence Boat Show, and deepened its impact on the state’s marine trades. Wendy has also worked with the Rhode Island Composites Alliance to launch this new organization. Wendy came to RIMTA with an expertise in workforce development after serving as executive director of MY TURN Rhode Island, which helps youth develop skills, goals and self-confidence through education, career exploration and employment training.

Wendy attended a technical high school, and it taught her about the value of craftsmanship and how individuals with hands-on skills create a legacy—both for themselves and for their community. Wendy’s initial involvement with RIMTA was as a member of the Education & Training Committee, and she played an active role in creating a strategic vision for the organization. “That vision,” says Wendy, “still inspires me.”