RIMTA | Member Benefits
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Member Benefits

Establishing Rhode Island as a worldwide leader in the marine trades is RIMTA’s ultimate goal. To do that, we need to help each member company be successful—so once you join RIMTA, you have a strong ally in helping you achieve success for your business.

RIMTA advocates for a healthy business climate through its Legislative Committee and the lobbying firm it works with. The organization is also your partner in developing the workforce you need to fuel your business and a source of ways you can go green and strengthen your bottom line. And best of all: once you become a member, you will tap into a network of hundreds of marine-trades experts who share their knowledge at our member meetings.

We keep you updated about the latest advantages for members in our monthly e-newsletter. Read on to learn more about the benefits of RIMTA membership.

Advocating for a Healthy Business Climate

Join RIMTA and you immediately become part of a block of some 300 companies and a business cluster that tallies sales for its Ocean State businesses at $2.6 billion and $117.9 million in taxes and fees for Rhode Island state and local governments. So when RIMTA talks, legislators listen. RIMTA advocates for a healthy business climate through its Legislative Committee and the lobbying firm it works with. Although no sales tax on boats in Rhode Island is widely considered their signature legislative achievement, our committee is always on watch—keeping lawmakers educated about the marine industry and its impact on the state’s economy to keep favorable legislation in place, and staying abreast of new legislation that can impact the marine trades. Your RIMTA dues supports the activities of our Legislative Committee. RIMTA also has its own political action committee, which can only be funded by contributions from individuals. Click here to learn more about the RIMTA PAC. Learn more here about how you can take action.

Develop a Workforce to Fuel Your Business

By coordinating training programs, marketing marine careers and attracting talented workers, and helping member companies gain access to state funds for training, RIMTA is your partner in developing the workforce you need to fuel your business. Over the past several years, RIMTA members have had access to over $500,000 in training funds provided by the state of Rhode Island. The funds have been used for training in every aspect of the recreational boating industry–from incumbent worker training, OSHA, entry-level workers and summer youth programs. RIMTA coordinates its own training programs, which you can read about here. The organization also works closely with industry to make sure training providers incorporate the skill areas we need in our technically evolving industry.

Marketing Boating in the Ocean State

RIMTA owns and runs the Providence Boat Show, the premiere indoor show in Southern New England. The show is a prime opportunity for those both in and from out of state to learn what Rhode Island offers to boaters, but many out-of-state individuals have already made the Ocean State their boating home: approximately half of the 44,000 registered boaters in Rhode Island live in other states. The 2016 Providence Boat Show will be held February 4-7. RIMTA members receive discounted space.

Align Yourself With Global Excellence in the Marine Industry

Rhode Island is a global leader in the marine industry, and RIMTA is at the forefront of promoting our membership. Use our logo on your website and your social/email communications to let your customers know that you are on the cutting edge of the marine market. Click here to view and download the 2017 RIMTA Member Logo.

Tap into a Wealth of Marine Trades Expertise

When you join RIMTA, you gain access to hundreds of marine-trades experts who are also members of the organization—and our members are generous with their time and expertise. You’ll meet them at the networking and membership events we hold throughout the year. These member meetings are not only great places to meet and network with your industry peers: they are also a place where you can talk to the RIMTA staff and Board of Directors and get your voice heard. Click here to view our Calendar of Events—and don’t forget to join us on Facebook.

Go Green and Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Going green can give you a competitive advantage, according to a recent report by Green America, EcoVentures International, and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity. RIMTA focuses on developing the programs that will both safeguard our environment and give you a green edge in the marketplace. The organization has worked with RI Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), the RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM), and Save The Bay to develop a Clean Marina Program—a voluntary initiative designed to reward marinas that go beyond regulatory requirements in their day-to-day operations. RIMTA also works with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), RIDEM and the CRMC to disseminate and clarify federal and state environmental regulations. RIMTA was also one of the first in the country to begin a recycling program for shrink wrap—a program that has saved RIMTA member marinas thousands of dollars in landfill tipping fees and helps support a healthier environment; contact the RIMTA office to get more information about the Shrink Wrap Program for our members.

Are you ready to join?  Click here to access our member application.