RIMTA | Cynthia Goss, Public Relations & Content Strategy
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Cynthia Goss, Public Relations & Content Strategy

Cynthia Goss has a longtime involvement in the marine industry, first working as an editor at marine magazines before turning freelance to contribute to boating magazines in North America, Europe, and Asia and coauthor books with well-known sailors such as Dawn Riley and Gary Jobson. Today, her work is shore-based as a consultant who helps nonprofits effect change by communicating effectively with their key audiences. At RIMTA, she is the link between the organization and the media, and she edits the monthly e-publication, RIMTA News. Her goal with RIMTA’s e-news is to write about the topics that will help members better run their businesses and understand the industry they work in—and she is open to hearing from members about topics they want to read about.