15 Apr Gowrie Group Joins RIMTA as Sponsor Supporting Communications and Events

Gowrie Group, the largest independent marine insurance group in the United States, has joined RIMTA as an organizational sponsor. In an effort to bolster the RIMTA mission of promoting and strengthening the Rhode Island marine trades, Gowrie Group’s sponsorship will support RIMTA’s communications as well as key events, including a series of programs designed to cultivate the marine industry’s leaders of tomorrow.

“I have been involved with RIMTA for many years, and believe wholeheartedly in the work RIMTA does to support our industry and steer it into the future,” said Steve Prime, a vice president of Gowrie Group, based at the company’s office in Newport (R.I.). “This sponsorship is therefore personally rewarding for me, and an exciting partnership for our company.”

Prime, who has worked in the marine industry his entire career, has been involved with RIMTA for nearly three decades and served as a Board member for 24 years. Part of his focus on the Board was helping to develop a strategic vision for RIMTA, and he has continued to attract new Board members to RIMTA by tapping his considerable network of industry colleagues. Gowrie Group’s office on Newport’s Thames Street is one of a series of offices along the East Coast—located from New Hampshire to Annapolis—maintained by the company. Gowrie Group’s headquarters are located in Westbrook (Conn.).

Gowrie Group RIMTA Sponsorship Presentation

From left: Steve Prime and Mark Gargula of Gowrie Group; RIMTA CEO Wendy Mackie; and RIMTA Board members Matt Gineo, Nancy Parrillo, Dick Cromwell, and Eric Goetz.

“Gowrie Group is a perfect fit for our organization,” said Wendy Mackie, CEO of RIMTA. “Many of their employees are avid water enthusiasts with both a personal and a professional passion for recreational boating. With their support, we can enhance our communications and our premier events—which are important networking and educational opportunities for our industry.”

Gowrie Group will create dedicated content for RIMTA communications, tapping their expertise on working with individuals and organizations, such as yacht clubs, on marine and yacht insurance. The company will also sponsor RIMTA’s Annual Industry Partnership Breakfast, which is RIMTA’s largest annual gathering held each fall during the Newport International Boat Show.

Gowrie Group will also serve as the sponsor of the RIMTA Future Speaker Series. RIMTA Future is a new organization founded in 2016 by young and mid-career professionals focused on cultivating the marine-industry leaders of tomorrow through professional development, networking, and mentoring opportunities.

The RIMTA Future Speaker Series gives these young professionals an opportunity to meet with and learn from industry leaders. Mark Gargula, a yacht insurance specialist at Gowrie Group, and Kiley Prime, a personal insurance specialist at Gowrie Group, are among the active participants in the group.

ABOUT GOWRIE GROUP: As one of the nation’s Top 50 independent insurance agencies and the largest independent marine insurance group in the Unites States, Gowrie Group provides total risk management services to individuals and organizations with complex insurance needs. Gowrie Group offers comprehensive insurance solutions matched with trusted advice and a commitment to service excellence. Gowrie Group’s portfolio of offerings includes commercial, home/auto, equine, marine, and yacht insurance, as well as employee benefits solutions and safety services. The company’s 175+ professionals serve clients across the United States from offices in Westbrook (Conn.), Darien (Conn.), Newport (R.I.), Annapolis (Md.), Boston (Mass.) and Marshfield (Mass.). For more information visit www.gowrie.com or call 800.262.8911.