20 Sep Tips and Techniques: The Growing Threat of a Data Breach to Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Did you know that 90% of all data breaches affect small businesses? Starkweather & Shepley Account Executive Jay M. Frechette digs deeper into the topic and includes tips on precautionary measures you can take. 

The saying goes, “It’s not IF you will have a data breach, it’s WHEN.”  With the marine industry quickly becoming a more digital industry, information can be a valuable asset.  Unfortunately this asset can also turn into a significant and costly liability if it falls into the wrong hands.

You have probably heard of some of the larger, high-profile attacks such as Sony, Target, Home Depot, or Chicago Yacht Club; but it’s not just Fortune 500 Companies that are being targeted.  According to Trustwave research, 90% of all data breaches effect small businesses.  This is due to lack of controls and low preparedness levels in these types of businesses.

There are five potential sources in which a data breach could occur:

  • Theft by malicious third parties (Hackers)SS logo
  • Virus threats
  • Physical and administrative mishandling (employee mistakes)
  • 1st Party “inside jobs” by a rogue employee
  • Violation of Federal, State or Local Privacy Laws


Data breach response costs for small businesses average $36,000 – $50,000.  This figure does not include costs that come from lawsuits, regulatory fines/penalties, or lost time and revenue due a damaged reputation.

Cyber Extortion (Ransomware) and Social Engineering (willfully wiring funds to what you think is a member of your organization, customer, or vendor) are two other rapidly increasing issues negatively effecting businesses.

Since most small businesses aren’t able to recover after security breaches, it is always a good option to keep precautionary measures ready against an attack.  The following tips can help make sure you are prepared for attacks against your business.

  • Work with an internal or 3rd party IT/network security company to ensure that the proper controls are in place.
  • Purchase a Cyber Liability and Breach Response Insurance Policy
    • These events are not covered by General Liability Policies
    • These policies have become much broader in coverage and more affordable for small to mid-sized businesses
  • Make sure your employees understand these threats and are trained as far as what to look for to avoid attacks.


–Article by Jay M. Frechette, Account Executive – Marine Risk Solutions, Starkweather & Shepley Insurance Brokerage, Inc. (401-435-3600 / jfrechette@starshep.com).


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