15 Aug RIMTA Future Group Outlines Goals, Plans Kick-Off Event

When marine companies create a plan to secure their future, workforce is at the top of their list: namely, training the staff and executives who will take over when their current workforce ages out. But what about our industry as a whole?

RIMTA faced the issue head-on by asking the question, and a group of talented young professionals stRIMTA Logo largerepped up to the plate to create a solution for our statewide industry and the RIMTA organization.

RIMTA Future, or RIMTAF, is the new group they founded. A core of about a dozen young professionals–spearheaded by Abby Smith of New England Boatworks and Joe Mariani of Brewer Cowesett Marina—have been meeting throughout the spring and summer.

“When we started meeting, we discovered that we were a group of young professionals who are all active in the industry, but we didn’t know each other and weren’t communicating with each other,” said Mariani.

During their meetings, they tasked themselves with outlining what the group’s goals would be to keep young professionals like themselves engaged in the industry and groomed for leadership positions.

The first common desire that came through loud and clear was the need for more professional development opportunities. The second was a need for networking with their peers.

A RIMTAF Kick-Off Party on the evening of September 17 will be the first of what RIMTAF members hope will be lots of networking opportunities for marine-industry professionals like themselves. The event takes place at the Newport International Boat Show and will allow the founders of the group to socialize with members of the industry and tell them about RIMTAF and how others can become involved.

RIMTAF has not yet chosen a Board to drive the organization, but that is their next major step. And according to Smith, once the group hits their stride, their annual goals will include hosting an annual speaker series, to include both marine-specific and outside experts; giving the group access to one professional-development opportunity; and hosting a community outreach event.

Smith explained, however, that community outreach is a long-term goal. “Initially, we are more focused on getting the young professionals who are currently in the marine trades more engaged with the industry, and with RIMTA.”

The following industry professionals have already joined Abby Smith and Joe Mariani to establish RIMTAF. Those individuals include:  Miles Brugmann, Jay Frechette, Sam Handy, Bill Kemp, Jon Lyons, Sara Mariani, Mike Melillo, Heath Moldveen, Liz Nittmann and Sarah Strauch.

This entire group looks forward to a great turnout at their Kick-Off Event on the 17th. As Mariani says, “There are many of us who plan on being in this industry for a long time, and we should get to know each other now since we’ll be working together for many years to come.”